29 junio 2008

Lector del mes: Betonami

Betonami [a.k.a. Beto on the Rocks] en imágenes y palabras


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Beto escucha MOUSE ON MARS
climática, relajada, atmosférica y evocadora , Yo la Tengo, el toque perfecto de dulzura y elegancia indie rock The Strokes fanatismo

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Libre, informal, no especializado...

There's something in the air

Now where has it been

I mean the good old wild days

Became a bit too lame

Just take a look at my place

It's such a mess

But i'll be outta this space

as soon as you tell me where the night is

You have to set up

Bring it on


Yeah, woohoo

There's something in the air

It's been quite of a while since i could experience your brightness

Now you've got a brighter smile and i think i'm going to like it

Talking 'bout the better things, you know how to maximize

Everything around you will become supersized

You have to set up

Away from

what matters

And get it prepared


We could get so wasted if you would have come

(You have to set up)

(Pogo de Digitalism)

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